Wednesday, April 27, 2011

list seventeen: to do this summer.

1. Wear more dresses and skirts.

2. Take more pictures.

3. Run, run, run!

4. More veg-friendly meals.

5. Get a hair cut (this is maybe my favorite).

6. Read a few books.

7. Go to the beach more!

Any big plans for your summer vacation?


Lauren said...

Hi :)

I stumbled across your blog recently, and it's so cute! I love the header.

Also, I've been meaning to read Tina Fey's book, too! The cover is hilarious.

- Lauren

Anonymous said...

Number 8. Visit M and E in Wisconsin!


Anonymous said...

9. Attend your sister's wedding!!!!! Maegan said...

yes to Go to the beach more!! ...your blog is adorable :)

Katherine said...

Lovely list :) I want to go to the beach and get all my back reading done!

Destini Lea said...

How have I not read Tina Fey's book yet? She's my favorite person!! I'm adding this to my summer list too... along with just about everything you said!

christine donee said...

hmm.. I want to try more recipes, read new books, enjoy the beach more often...