Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the weekend.

st. pete
st. pete (3)
st. pete (2)

Hi! How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful, mine was. :) A little bit of school work in the mix, but hey...it happens. The weather in Florida is BEAUTIFUL right now. It's hot, but not gross-hot, which is saying a lot for Florida in late April.

My dad made quiche, we went out for breakfast, took a trip to the farmers' market, spent an afternoon in my aunt's beautiful garden, went shopping (I found my dress for my sister's wedding!), made homemade hot fudge, and watched The Switch (I SO recommend this movie - the kid is adorable!) and Pride and Prejudice.


Anonymous said...

Where'd you go out to breakfast?!! That looks delicious!


Roxanne said...

@ The Dome Grill. Mom gave it a C and dad gave it a B-. I give it a B+. :)

(I liked it!)

Christina said...

your pictures are fantastic. I'm glad Florida is being kind with her weather and yay for weddings!