Monday, January 3, 2011

The Quirk Project (No. 6)

Well, that was a trying weekend! Not moving on, but moving ahead. On another note, I did something sort of sneaky. This weekend I emailed some of my favorite bloggers ( with the exception of a few of you because I couldn’t find your emails. Christina, I’m talking to you. ;) ) and asked them if they’d like to participate in the Quirk Project. Well, I’ve done this project once before, and one day I just stopped. People stopped sending me their quirks and life took center stage. Well, not anymore. I told life that I wanted it to share the stage with the Quirk Project. Life agreed. Reagan emailed me her quirks and I was thrilled. Reagan’s blob is a source of great joy for me. She’s funny, cute, and her daughter, Piper (who she lovingly calls Pip — how cute!) is adorable and makes me smile. Then, she told me she wanted to be blog friends and I about died. YES! I love new blog friends! Another thing: if I lived in NYC, she’d be my permanent hairdresser. Get over there, and check her blob out! So here are Reagan's quirks. No surprise that I love them. I love all the lists I've been sent. Send me yours. Find details here.

Reagan's Quirks
quirk project (1)
quirk project (2)
1-Dancing in public. When I hear music, my legs/hair/arms cannot contain themselves. Street musicians, clothes stores, in the car..anywhere. Jake gets embarrassed.

2-I make up and sing songs about daily tasks..."Washing the dishes because they don't have arms to wash themseeeeellllves". Maybe it's because I still don't like cleaning/chores, but since it's not acceptable to have a messy apartment all the time, I have to entertain myself.

3-Clumsiness in general. Yesterday I tripped up an escalator. Something you don't even have to move your body to use. I landed on both hands and a guy behind me saw my panties.

4-I'm obsessed with little things. Especially things that are supposed to be big, but have been made tiny for no reason at all. Once I accidentally kissed a mini jar of honey at a farmer's market because it was tiny and adorable.

5-I always know the words to strange songs played in supermarkets, elevators and diners. And I don't know how I know most of them. Jake thinks it's amazing because I don't know the words to any of the real songs that most people know, like Christmas songs.

6-I love to swear. I don't swear really when I'm mad or anything like that, but I love to toss out a swear just to shock Jake or my friends when they least expect it. For instance..."Hey Jake! How the f*** was your day, sweetie?" It's one of those things where it's usually only funny to me and my mom isn't proud.

7-I love mermaids. When I was little I really thought I might figure out a way to grow up and become a mermaid. Some friends and I did the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in June of 2010 and I'm hoping to do it every year. Our theme was 1950s housewife mermaids and we wore aprons and handed out sugar cookies shaped like fish. If my 5 year old self could have seen my 26 year old self all jazzed up with a fin and shells I would have gone completely ape.


Laura said...

Just came across your blog and I love what you've got here - especially the quirk project! What a great idea! Looks like you've had a great 2010... Here's to a wonderful new year filled with more blogger friends and the sharing of many quirks!

Christina said...

Oh I love this concept! I loved reading this post! So fun! I'll get working on my quirks, I promise :)

Reagan said...

thanks for having me! it was such a fun little list!