Tuesday, January 4, 2011

list twelve: 21 before 22.

This list is a little late since I turned 21 a few months ago. Better late than never, right?
21 before 22.
1. Make a dress on my sewing machine.
2. Try a new restaurant.
3. Make a cheesecake from scratch.
4. Write more letters!
5. Continue to work toward becoming (my idea of) an incredible teacher. :)
6. Make at least 20 kids smile during my pre-service teaching practicum.
7. Read six new books just for fun!
8. Read one teaching book just for fun!
9. Learn how to throw on the potter's wheel (with Jeffrey as my teacher!).
10. Increase my blog readership (50 followers is the goal!).
11. Become even closer with my college of Education cohort (class) mates.
12. Grow my hair out!
13. Find more vegetarian options for dinner (that Jeffrey loves).
14. Paint my fingernails once a month. :)
15. Do the ten-minute stretch routine every morning (proven to make you more chipper!).
16. Try bangs again!
17. Stop worrying about the imperfections of my facial skin.
18. Take more pictures!
19. Spend more time with my best friend.
20. Buy a pajama set.
21. Take a road trip with Jeffrey. :)


Laura said...

Love these lists! I have one too that I'm working on for my 22nd birthday... I love the road trip goal - did that with my fiance and we had the time of our lives, everyone should go on a road trip of considerable length at some point in their life! You've got some great goals on here... Good luck with them all!

Christina said...

I'm feeling you on number 10. How do people make this happen?!

Here's a recommendation for number 7: Flambards. I absolutely loved it and they made an addictive cheesy miniseries out of it in the 70's.

Laken said...

I love this entire list! Good luck :)