Tuesday, December 21, 2010

flash back: wisconsin summer (part six).

Today's post is all about bike riding, screen printing shirts, and an ice cream parlor + a carousel. Sounds fun, right? We thought so, too! First, we went on a bike ride all around Madison and stopped at all the important bike shops. Jeffrey is absolutely in love with all things bicycle related (and Mark and Evie thought about buying some new handle bars) so a bike tour it was! I'm pretty sure Jeffrey was in bicycle Heaven (if such a place exists)!
bicycle heaven.
Then, we decided it would be fun to create a family t-shirt. We combined our last names, Evie created a design, and Jeffrey+Evie created the screen. Mark and I offered moral support, which is very important, but you probably already knew that.
After that we made a trip to Ella's Deli, which is a restaurant/ice cream parlor with a carousel right outside! My sister and I love carousels (I once wrote an entire paper on them) and the fact that she hadn't visited Ella's Deli in the year she had lived there was just no longer acceptable. We remedied that and had ice cream. A win-win! It was such a fun & relaxing day! xo, R.
self-timer love!
ice cream!

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LW said...

I am loving your Wisconsin posts. They're bringing back some good memories! Love you. XXOO