Monday, December 20, 2010

flash back: wisconsin summer (part five).

I absolutely adore this picture because we all look so happy!
windy superhero.

frederick's hill.
Well, it's about high time I compile another update of our trip to Wisconsin. There's going to be some back tracking because I somehow managed to skip an entire day. Who knows. It's all a little foggy. So... on a day that ended in 'Y' we went to the Arboretum. It was full of trees, plants, flowers, and about one thousand gallons of mosquitoes. Everything was great, except for the last part. That was actually like something out of a horror movie. We ate a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mint chocolate Newman's Own cookies (aka fancy Oreos). It was so incredibly windy, we probably could have flown away if we were holding onto a big enough kite. Then, we ventured out to Frederick's Hill, where Mark proposed to my sister! It was so beautiful and fun to see where it all happened. :)

In other news, my sister and Mark just arrived at our house for Christmas. Tonight, we ordered calzones and played Catch Phrase. It's finally starting to feel like the holidays around here. Since school kind of went up until the very last minute I haven't felt like I've been able to savor Christmas time, but since I've been home for a few days the holiday spirit is finally settling in. Yay! I hope everyone had a really wonderful Monday. If things don't get too crazy, I'll be back tomorrow with another Wisconsin update. We shall see! xo, R.

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