Wednesday, December 8, 2010

flash back: wisconsin summer (part four).

Before I tell you the details about the most amazing mini-golf course in all the land, I think you should check out Kelle's wonderful post about her three year blogging anniversary. I promise it's worth the peek!
Well, after our trip to the Weary Traveler, we decided we still needed to do something else that was exciting. The obvious choice was to go mini-golfing. But not just at Vitense GolfLand, which I can assure you takes mini-golfing to a whole new level. First of all, there are not one, but TWO possible courses: California or Wisconsin. I think we may have been a little disloyal when we chose California, but there was a giraffe AND hippo statue, so, ya know.
hippo mouth_vitense
So, what other wonders were there to behold at Vitense GolfLand? Well, let me tell you.
1. A life-size, exact replica of the Statue of Liberty.
2. A slide that presented the only way for players to get to the next hole & there were streams everywhere. Clearly, Mark is a very skilled golfer who is willing to take all kinds of risks to get the perfect shot. Now that's dedication.
3. A giant hippo sculpture, along with a giraffe (sadly not pictured).

And in case that hasn't swayed you (but let's be honest here, you already bought your plane ticket, didn't you?), they also have a special spot where you, yourself can become an Avatar.
But seriously, it was very cool & I think we'll try out the Wisconsin side next time. Tomorrow I'll back track because I somehow forgot an entire day. xo, R.

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Anonymous said...

That was so much fun playing mini-golf with you and Jeffrey!