Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wow, talk about being busy and all that comes with it.

But. Busy has never felt so good.

Sitting through all those general education courses was totally worth it because now I get to take classes that mean something to me (not that others didn't. There were some goodies in there.). My teachers are understanding and supportive, and I take all my classes with the same 25 people. It's so refreshing to actually see familiar faces instead of an auditorium full of people I'll never actually get the chance to know.

And, now I'm living in my own apartment, which makes me feel pretty grown up. Not so sure how I feel about that, but I do enjoy having sleepovers with my friends every single night.

And here's a little something that I find extremely interesting. Years ago, educators came up with the idea that when children came to school they were empty vessels waiting to be filled. And today in class we were talking about the importance of families (and the fact that they are the number one (NUMBER.) (ONE.)) factor in student success and how students aren't really empty vessels; they've actually already been completely filled by their families. Teachers just have the privilege of helping them overflow. With the help of families, of course.

See ya later, Empty Vessel Theory. You are so last year.

Oh, and, I know there have been zero pictures lately, which I promise will change.

(Being busy is kinda crazy, and doesn't really leave much time for photographing random things. You understand.)

I hope you'll thank a teacher tomorrow. You know, since they're helping you overflow with knowledge and stuff. Pretty important, I'd say.

And since we're all teachers, I bet you've helped someone overflow. Pretty cool, huh?

Hope your Tuesday was beautiful.

xo, R.


Sarah said...

Love this!
I'm also thankful that if you family has been less than spectacular, and you are filled with some pretty awful stuff; teachers have the opportunity to help overflow all the negativity out of you :)
I'm glad you're doing well up there! It sounds like a wonderful time. <3

Jeffrey said...