Monday, June 28, 2010

time flies when you're having fun, but not so much when you're sick.

Well, after watching my dogs for the past week at my family's home, I have a new appreciation for all you single parent dog owners. If that's even really a term. Having multiple people to take care of dogs is one thing, but doing it all on your own is another. And can I just say that dogs are really high maintenance? At least mine are, anyway. But I've really enjoyed being with them, and it's much better than them being in a kennel, so I was happy to watch them.

Jeffrey's bike race was on Saturday, and it was a raging success. The turn out was higher than last year's, which is the ultimate compliment when it come to things like that. Unfortunately, I got pretty sick, and didn't even get to stay for the prize ceremony. Stupid, I know. And, I also got bit by about a billion no-see-ums, and don't let anyone tell you that no-see-um bug bites don't hurt/itch/irritate, because they do. They do, a lot. And there is NO relief. None. Ugh.

And, the whole reason I'm writing this post is simply to say that on Wednesday I am leaving to visit my sister for two weeks with Jeffrey. I'll meet up with my parents there, and we'll be able to have our first family vacation in a few years. I'm seriously looking forward to that. With that said, I'm sure there won't be much posting going on, if any at all.

So, I just wanted to send all my love to you and yours. Hope you're all enjoying your summer and making the most out of it. Hopefully once I return, my posts will begin to become more frequent again.

Love to you all —
xo, R.

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LW said...

Can't wait to hear about your travels. :) Love you.