Wednesday, June 9, 2010

list five: things i want to do this summer.

canoe trip.
1. Learn how to use chopsticks.
2. Run 7 miles.
3. Knit a scarf (because I usually only do that in the winter!).
4. Buy a new pair of shorts that I love.
5. Learn how to french braid.
6. Bake a cheesecake.
7. Bike ride across the three big beach bridges in my area.
8. Take more photographs.
9. Appreciate the small things.
10. Go to Atlanta with my mom.
11. Make hummus.
12. Read a classic (I'm thinking Pride & Prejudice).
13. Make a skirt on my sewing machine.
14. Make my bed everyday (Ha. Yeah right.).
15. Grow my hair out.

*We'll see how the french braiding and chopstick using goes. I'm entirely uncoordinated so, you know, that could be a problem.


Sarah said...

Pride & Prejudice! Ugh! Just finished it, so amazing. As for chopsticks, if you're into sushi I am up for as many sushi dates as it takes you to get it down :) And I have lots of hair to practice braiding haha

Evie said...


Earth to Roxanne.

What about go to Madison and have an awesome time!?

That should be numero uno. :-D

R. said...

Well I thought I'd leave that out since that's something I'm already definitely doing. Geesh.

Jeffrey said...

Is this picture from our trip? It's great!

R. said...

Sarah, I love sushi!