Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Does anybody else have this problem? My hair always looks good the day before I get it cut. Always. Today my bangs are doing just what I've asked them to do for the past 6 weeks almost as if they realize what's about to happen tomorrow and so they've been scared into obedience. Unfortunately, I've been dumb enough to believe my hair's tactics before — thinking to myself "Oh! I don't need to get my hair cut. I think I'll cancel my appointment." And then, the next day, my stupid hair is back to its old ways. So, I'm not falling for it this time. I just wish I had somewhere important to go today so I could flaunt my good hair day. To the grocery store, it is!


P.S. Really not sure how I feel about the banner. What do you guys think? I also had to have a computer screen replacement a few months ago (which mutes the colors) so I don't really know how they all look together. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Lovee.


Sarah said...

I love the new font & colors! Looks wonderful, as I'm sure your new haircut will :) When are you free to get together for a fun adventure?

R. said...

Almost any time works for me! I really have no plans, so whenever you're free let me know. :)

Evie said...

I liked the old banner. It was simpler. :-)