Sunday, April 11, 2010

sewing sloth.

I may be biased.
In fact, I certainly am.
I still encourage you to check out Jeffrey's company, Sewing Sloth.
He creates hip bags that have a convenient loop on the back that attach to belts.
These bags are especially convenient for people who bike ride on a regular basis.
And I'm not lying when I say these bags are beyond adorable.
I think that just about anybody could use one.
And the price is just right.

Click here to take a look at his Etsy.

We hope you're having a glorious weekend.
xo, R.


Destini Lea said...

This isn't good for me... I love cool bags! I may be borderline obsessed with bags. I might turn into his very best customer.

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh man, don't show me, don't show me! You're breaking my willpower, lol.

Sarah said...

Haha I feel the same way! I don't ride a bike, but I may just go out and buy one to match the bag. I'm feeling like this is a legitimate thing that could be.