Monday, April 5, 2010

i want these shoes in the worst way.

not only do TOMS support an amazing cause, but i think they would look cute with just about anything, particularly sundresses. i think i might purchase these at the end of the semester (April 21st!) as a congratulatory "You Did it!" to myself. i think i deserve it after the 18 credit course load i talked myself into this semester.

*image via TOMS.


Sarah said...

Haha, absolutely wonderful! I personally don't own a pair of TOMS myself, but two of the girls I live with do, and they absolutely love them. One of them wears them for all purposes, including gardening, so they're worn out and dirty and great. The other girl wears them with dresses and to work and such. Apparently they're really comfortable. I'm thinking about investing in a pair myself :)

Christina said...

I had a pair of black TOMS that I wore nearly every day of my life until they died. I think they lasted a year and a half of intense usage and finally saw their end after I had to walk a considerable distance in the pouring rain. They were seriously the most comfortable things ever. Get them! You won't be sorry!