Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Quirk Project (No. 4)

I honestly don't even know what to say about my sister. She is my best friend and confidant and I love her so much.
She is incredible.

Evie's Quirks
{Single serving tarts that we baked together.}

1. I love ginger more than anyone else I know. I will eat everyone else's ginger at a sushi place. I love crystallized ginger. I love to put ground up ginger in anything I can. I once had ginger ice cream and it was amazing. I love ginger snaps, and ginger cake. One time I tried to put ginger in my coffee...that didn't go too well, but every other experience I've had with ginger has been good.

2. I like clutter and I like things. I want every space to be filled up with something where I live because I like to have a lot to look at. Also, all the things can be friends with each other and then they won't get lonely. I have several collections of things: owls, rocks, and old photographs are probably my largest collections. I used to collect bottles, but then I ended up with too many and they were kind of a pain to move.

3. I love baking. I know a lot of people love baking, but I really love baking. I fantasize about baking things, but don't have enough money to bake everything I want to. I like the process of adding everything and mixing it and then putting it in the oven and waiting and smelling the delicious smells. I like altering recipes and combining different flavors to create a whole new taste experience. Sometimes I think I'd like to open up a bakery, but I don't think I'd like the business side of it and also I think that if baking were my job I might not like it as much.

4. There is always a song in my head...always, sometimes more than one song. I am also always listening to music.

5. I like planning things, but I'm not always the best at following through with them.

6. I love to touch things. I walk through stores and touch all the clothes and different objects. I touch plants when I'm walking outside. I like to step on different surfaces and see how they feel. At times this has probably made me look a little crazy because I've walked down the street running my hand along buildings. Probably while also simultaneously singing along with my ipod and looking up into a tree at the birds there.

7. I have a really good memory. I can tell you the time and place I met a person years after I met them. However, there's always about 10 thoughts bouncing around in my head at once so I am constantly losing things like keys because when I put them down I'm caught up in my head...not where I'm placing my keys.

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xoxoKrysten said...

I am totally the same as #6. It weirds my hubby out, lol.

Sarah said...

This is so wonderful! Your sister sounds like such an amazing human being, and someone really enjoyable to be around.

Sometimes, we have crystallized ginger at my house when people are over, and nobody ever knows what it is. I tell them to stick the whole thing in their mouths at once, and watch their faces change. They spit it out, and get upset. It's amusing :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

I can totally agree with number 5 and I have to say I kind of like clutter too.