Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feel Good Flicks

I love movies. There's nothing better than a relaxing Saturday night filled with couch time, candy, movie viewings and loved ones. I'm usually a sucker for the typical girl-y movie: charming male leads, adorable leading ladies, cute plotlines, and happy endings. Call it boring or generic or cliché; I don't care. My affinity for Chick Flicks and Disney Classics will never die and so here's a list of some of my top picks. I like to call them Feel Good Flicks because they make me happy.

1. Meet The Robinsons. I had totally forgotten about this movie until it was on TV last night. I'm sure the adorable characters and make-believe plot naturally draw me to this quirky movie. After all, I am still a kid at heart. I love this flick and the memories it brings with it - I saw it with my best friend right after one of us returned from [what seemed like] a never ending vacation. The fact that this is the movie we chose to see can be added to the list of reasons we're best friends.

2. You've Got Mail. I adore this movie. It is one of my all-time favorites. Meg Ryan is an absolute doll in this film - I totally want to steal her wardrobe (and life, for that matter) - and, as always, Tom Hanks is charming and sweet. I've watched this movie with my mom so many times that I can't even count anymore. It never gets old.

3. Breakfast At Tiffany's. I can't even express my adoration for this film. My parents introduced me to Audrey Hepburn at a fairly young age, but it wasn't until I saw this movie that I fell in love with her lovely personality. Holly Golightly is such a darling character. This is always my go-to flick when I'm feeling blue. Audrey Hepburn is a total delight.

4. Lady and the Tramp. I am not even going to try and deny it: I am a dog lover to the fullest extent. I feel the need to pet and exclaim my love for every single dog I see. I can't help it. Those furry friends truly melt my heart. So it's no surprise that Lady and the Tramp is on my list.

5. Amelie. I dare you to see this movie and not fall in love with it. It's spoken entirely in French, which makes my heart swoon, and it reminds me of homemade Valentines - endearing, creative and full of heart! Audrey Tatou is a complete gem and I totally want to be best friends with her after I watch this enchanting film.

6. Mary Poppins. I think every little girl wants a Mary Poppins in her life. The infectious songs, endearing cast and simple plot make this movie a true classic.

7. My Neighbor Totoro. If you've ever cringed at the slight mention of Anime, you've probably never seen this lovable movie. It is so light-hearted and sweet I bet I could watch it twice in a row. It's that good.

Needless to say, this is a partial list, but pair any of these movies with some Junior Mints and Raisinets and you have found the surest route to my heart.



Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree...all except the Raisinets, of course. And, of course, I have yet to see Meet the Robinsons (hard to believe the animation geek could confess that, right?). Next week then? Movie night?

LW said...

A movie night is definitely in the plans for next week. Unfortunately, we can't find our copy of Lady and the Tramp! We'll have to check it out at the library. We've been wanting to see that movie for months! I've always had a special place in my heart for Tramp. I guess that's why we always end up with dogs like Petey.
What is it about You've Got Mail?? I never grow tired of watching it. Of course, there are lots of fond memories attached to it. What movie shall we watch first??