Wednesday, November 28, 2012

yosemite, part I.


1 // Half Dome
2 // Wawona camp site
3 + 4 // Breakfast at the Ahwahnee
5 + 6 // Yosemite Falls

I can hardly believe that I'm almost done recapping our trip to the Pacific Northwest. It seems like a really long time ago that we went on this trip, which I attribute to a very full and busy semester (that feels more like a year than a few months). We decided to finish our trip up in Yosemite, which I believe was a marvelous way to end a very special vacation. A lot of people say that Yosemite is a bit like an amusement park, which I completely understand — It was swarming with lots and lots of people, a large majority from Europe. However, I can't say I'm surprised that the park was so very busy. Yosemite is a sight that can only be fully appreciated with your own two eyes. I actually think it's pretty wonderful that so many people still come to take in all its glory. If Yosemite was a person, I think he'd probably feel pretty special. :) xo, R.


LW said...

Yosemite was very special indeed. The time we spent there is a memory that I will always treasure. XXOO

Ed Woltil said...

Love! I loved splashing around in the pools below Yosemite falls...thanks for posting!

Jeffrey Sincich said...

I love the "Tent Goes Here" sign! Yosemite is pretty great, too!

Anonymous said...

You look like me in that last picture! Sisters. <3