Monday, November 19, 2012

little snapshots.


[- 1 -] Mr. Rogers book made by my sister and a friend + a postcard from my mom.
[- 2 -]  Giant pine cone by our entryway.
[- 3 -] Fall pumpkin trio. :)
[- 4 -] Shhh! Break and bake.
[- 5 -] Everyone could use a little pep talk in the morning (taped to our bathroom mirror).
[- 6 -] Cup tree.
[- 7 -] Match striker, by Josh Stover Ceramics.

This weekend was made up of some of my favorite things. There was no agenda, which always leaves me feeling so relaxed and rested. On Saturday, I slept in and spent the rest of the morning finishing a final assignment. Then, Jeffrey and I spent the afternoon cleaning the house. Later that evening, we went to an art show my sister was in and ended the night with frozen yogurt. Yesterday we slept in and spent the morning at Starbucks, planning our honeymoon. We went grocery shopping, read magazines at Barnes & Noble, ate lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and spent the afternoon around the house.

Weekends like these are so simple and quiet, but absolutely wonderful. It always makes me feel so thankful for the smallest things. On top of that, I have a short school week and can't wait to head home for Thanksgiving. What did you do this weekend? xo, R.

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