Friday, July 27, 2012

something serious.

The world of blogging can feel quite small. It can feel like you're chatting with some of your best girlfriends around a coffee table. But every now and then, we are forced into a jolting reminder that the blogging world is actually not that small. And, consequently, not just made up of women who feel like our best girlfriends. It recently came to my attention that a young woman, who was rowing 1,500 miles to raise money for breast cancer, was assaulted. She was assaulted by a man who discovered her whereabouts based on her blog. Now, this woman had been posting her specific locations (due to the fact that she was giving her readers a way to follow her), so the man needed only to track her based on that in order to find her. I'm sure this young woman never thought that posting her whereabouts was putting her in danger. As a matter of fact, I'm sure she was just trying to connect with her readers, who she assumed were decent, wholesome people like herself. Still, it's important to be safe and smart when blogging. She is doing fine (thank goodness), and she also plans to finish her mission (this time not alone to ensure her safety), and you can donate to her cause here.

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Have a safe and lovely day! xo, R.

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