Tuesday, July 17, 2012

list twenty-six: my skincare favorites.


I work very hard to purchase natural skincare products that do a job without all the nasty chemicals. The list below reflects that effort. I am a loyal purchaser of many Burt's Bees products and have been for many years. I have gone through a number of doctor-prescribed topical creams, none of which have done their supposed job (that's when I decided to stop slathering my face with unpronounceable ingredients and moved toward a more natural approach). The Burt's Bees line targeting acne has honestly done the most impressive job out of all the acne-related products I have ever tried. I highly, highly recommend them if you have mild or moderate acne.

1. This facewash | Gentle, but fierce. Smells rather lovely and gets the job done.

2. This exfoliator | Pricey, but a true holy-grail product. This stuff works unbelievable magic.

3. This toner | Smells absolutely wonderful (although it sounds a bit odd) and is so gentle, but also penetrating.

4. This night cream | So soothing and especially great for sensitive skin.

5. This spot treatment | Non-irritating, but also powerful.

6. This daytime facial moisturizer | Simple and effective.

7. This eye cream | Quite hydrating and one jar goes a long way.

8. This moisturizer | Inexpensive, but also not filled with a ton of mystery ingredients. Very hydrating, too!

9. This body butter | Smells like a dream. Sometimes I use this as a perfume for a night out.

10. This sunscreen | Natural and applies wonderfully.

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