Thursday, July 12, 2012

list twenty-five: my makeup favorites.


1. This foundation | Medium coverage, smells good, looks good, lasts well.*

2. This blush | A cult favorite and for good reason!

3. This concealer | Covers dark circles and blemishes.*

4. This primer | For when you need your makeup to last. Makes skin feel so smooth!*

5. This powder | No caking, ever. Very translucent veil that helps makeup stay put and fends off a shiny t-zone.*

6. This mascara | Volume without the clumping, a girl's dream (my favorite shade: brownish black).

7. This eyeshadow palette | For when I'm feeling fancy. :)

8. This chapstick | My lip product of choice, even for the big occasions.*

* Indicates a product that is free of parabens!


Alexis Carpenter said...

I have had my eye on a NARS blush palette ($50) that just came out on the Sephora website. I haven't tried one of their blushes before but really want to! Maybe when I am shopping in the city I will splurge and treat myself! LOVED reading this! Miss you!

Roxanne said...

The NARS blushes are so great and last forever! I've had mine much longer than any blush I've picked up at Target and the quality lives up to the price tag. You should treat yourself!