Wednesday, May 9, 2012

list twenty-four: 10 things i know to be true.

1. A bowl of ice cream can fix almost any small problem.

2. The right shade of blush can make you look energized (even when you're not).

3. It is a good idea to wash your face every night (even when you feel too tired).

4. It is perfectly acceptable to have a soda now and then and feel just fine about it.

5. Dogs are the most perfect pet on this entire planet, Amen.

6. Clothing is a beautiful way to express yourself.

7. A change jar is a lovely addition to any home.

8. It wasn't a waste of time if you enjoyed doing it.

9. Growing flowers is good for anyone's soul.

10. Going out for lunch is always a splendid idea.

1 comment:

Noelani said...

What a lovely little list, :)