Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wedding inspiration board.

wedding inspiration board

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Jeffrey and I frequently talk about our wedding. The small details, the big details, the date, the location, but not often a specific color scheme. I don't necessarily think an inspiring wedding needs any particular color scheme (my sister's wedding was one of the most beautiful I've seen and it did not adhere to one), but I think a smattering of colors will help to direct the ambiance of our wedding in a direction we like. So this weekend I scouted some of my favorite shots, stuck them in a collage, and then pulled the most eye-catching colors from all the pictures. This is what I came up with. While it may not be perfectly fitting of the ideas in our heads (there are so many floating around), I think it's a nice foundation to build upon.

While we're talking wedding, here's an update. I found a vintage dress that could just be the one (!!!). My rehearsal dinner dress and shoes have been purchased and are waiting patiently in my closet. We have one very likely ceremony location and will look at one more before making a final decision. We have talked back and forth about reception ideas, and right now we like the idea of a backyard reception (!). Our desserts will be homemade (easily the most painless decision -- my sister's were homemade and it was one of my favorite elements of her wedding), we still need to decide on what food we'd like to serve, and I am looking and looking for an affordable wedding photographer. Phew! Of course there are a million details that have to be sorted out, and we still have a year and some change until our big day, so we have plenty of time to change our minds eighty more times (we love to change our minds!).

Enjoy your day! xo, R.


Sarah said...

I have a friend who is an amazing (and from what I understand affordable) wedding photographer! His name is Drew Coffman, I think all of his photos are posted on FB under his company Birch Standard. Maybe check him out? :)

Roxanne said...

Thank you, ma'am!