Monday, March 19, 2012

andrew bird concert (or, on being sentimental).

andrew bird

Friends, I am a terrible trip taker, and here's why: I get oddly sentimental as the trip is ending. I find myself nostalgic for things I just did and saw. This has never not happened to me after some kind of trip or special event, and it is exhausting (and makes me want to cry a little bit). Does this happen to you?

A little over a month ago Jeffrey and I decided to go to the Andrew Bird concert in Atlanta. We looked forward to it everyday after the tickets had been purchased. For as long as Jeffrey and I have been together, we've never actually gone on a trip just the two of us. Every element of our trip was absolutely perfect -- from the sweet little pizza restaurant we ate at just before the concert, to meticulously choosing our seats as we arrived at the concert venue, to watching TV when we arrived back at our hotel (we don't have one at our apartment), none of it could have made me happier.

As we watched the concert together and listened to Andrew Bird masterfully play his violin, I thought about just how lucky I am — how full my life is with joy and blessings and love everyday. It was all just so lovely that I could hardly stand to part with the weekend. We got back to our apartment and blasted Andrew Bird's newest CD and both admitted that it made us feel a little sad. We wanted to go back and relive every moment. In just a few days, listening to those songs will make me nostalgic in a different way. I will be filled with happiness instead of feeling a pang of sadness. I will always remember our first sweet little trip to watch Andrew Bird play in Atlanta and just how perfectly wonderful every moment was.

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