Monday, January 30, 2012

little snapshots.

snapshots 4
snapshots 5
snapshots 3
snapshots 2

1. Sweet flowers from my sister's rehearsal dinner.
2. Our bookshelf.
3. French toast + Chai tea.
4. Miniature ice cream (yum!).
5. Some paintings from my sister's self portrait series (plus our cherished German clock).

This weekend Jeffrey took me out for a celebratory dinner (after I received good news about an exciting opportunity next school year!), we made french toast on Saturday morning, and we bought miniature ice creams to enjoy while watching a movie. It was all quite lovely and relaxing.


Christina said...

beautiful photos. I just love your eye. So glad you had a wonderful date night. Are you going to share this wonderful, exciting news??

Roxanne said...

Christina - Thanks! I got an internship I'd been hoping for! :)