Tuesday, January 24, 2012


junk lady #2
junk lady #3
junk lady #6
junk lady #1
junk lady #5

The Junk Lady has been providing entertainment for our family for five years now. An outdoor garage sale with a hodge podge of items, the Junk Lady's inventory is nothing short of extraordinary. It never fails to amaze us that she can have completely different stock each time we arrive. And a description would never paint an accurate picture of what this place really is: A yard with tables upon tables upon tables of stuff. Weird stuff, creepy stuff, interesting stuff, neat stuff, old stuff, useless stuff, any category of stuff ever. Ever.


Christina Conrad said...

I just love your photographs so much.

I really need to see this place! It sounds fantastic. :)

Lauren said...

what gems! looks like a few pinterest crafts in the making!

K. said...

I love love your blog.Its one of my very favourites.I think we would be real life friends :)