Friday, June 24, 2011

for my sister.

rox + sister.
evie's shower 5

In just a few short weeks, my sister will be getting married. As a little girl, I dreamed of being just like her -- she was older, smarter and funnier. I wanted to wear her clothes and possess her artistic talent.

Then, when I got older, she taught me one of the most important lessons I believe I will ever learn: I am beautiful because I am unique. My sister has never been scared to be herself. From her style to her kindness, she has been true to her mind, body and spirit for as long as I can remember. I love my sister. I love her even more because, in a sense, she paved the way for me. She held my hand and let me know that it would be okay to be me. She is beautiful beyond all comprehension and I will never take for granted the fact that we are bound together by heart strings.

I wasn't always good about appreciating her, though. I can think of plenty of times when I brushed her company off for someone else's. A silly mistake, I now realize. I sincerely regret all those chances I passed up, but I am proud of the fact that I realized the importance of her presence in my life and now make an effort to appreciate her for everything she has done (and will do) for me. In a few weeks, she will walk down the aisle and I will stand by her side as she vows to spend the rest of her life with a man she loves. I have always wanted love for my sister, more than anything. I have always wanted a man that appreciates her unyielding loyalty, kindness, and fierce passion for life. She has found that person and I could not be more pleased.

When I look back on all the memories we have shared together, I get a little teary -- mostly because we are no longer children and those simple moments we have are fleeting, snapshots in my mind. At the same time, I can picture our future together. The two of us standing in a sunny kitchen, watching our own children play together. And it is good. It is oh so good. I have friends in my life that will come and go, I have friends in my life that will be there forever, and I have a sister who will walk by my side for eternity. That is the most precious gift I could be given in this wild, uncertain, difficult life. A person who will not only never leave my side, but who will support me in all my endeavors.

I love you, Evie. I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle in all your beauty, grace, and kindness. Thank you for loving me in all my stubbornness and moodiness. Even though I don't always say it, I am thankful for your presence in my life every minute of everyday.


Sandy said...

Please pass the tissues!! Roxie, So touching and sooo true! Evie, all the best to you as you enter into the ultimate oneness. I love and miss you both very much! XO XO Smiles,Sandy

Jud & Krysta Nymark said...

This was such a nice post :) I am so happy for Evie!

Christina said...

I loved reading this. How wonderful that you have such a great relationship with your sister! You have such a beautiful heart!