Monday, April 11, 2011

the weekend, zit edition.

Well, I managed to make it through my weekend, pimples and all. I went ahead with my schedule as planned and didn't think twice about the family of zits that moved in on my face. It all sounds very mature, doesn't it?

It wasn't, I promise. I spent a good 20 minutes standing in front of my mirror asking myself what exactly I was going to do with these zits. You should just know, right now, that I have absolutely no ability with concealer. Never mastered it, probably never will. So, that was out the window. Then I found myself thinking, "If only it were cold out, then I could just cover my chin with a scarf!" These berserk thoughts went streaming through my head for awhile until it was just me and my reflection, standing still with no solution. Well, firstly, I realized that I had wasted 20 minutes of my precious time that I will never get back. (Stupid.) Secondly, I realized that no one really cares what my face looks like. And thirdly, and most importantly, if my biggest worry is the non-consequential zits that showed up on my face, then my life looks pretty darn good and I should probably spend my efforts helping people who are dealing with real problems.

So, that was what I learned this weekend. I left my bathroom, went to Publix without shame (mind you, I still thought that every person looking at me MUST be judging the amount of zits on my chin), and lived my life. And, guess what? Nothing bad happened. In fact, I had a really nice weekend. So, in short:

First of all, avoid mirrors when you don't feel your prettiest. But, more importantly, live your life. xo, R.

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Destini Lea said...

You're right!

One time, I had this ugly blemish on my face and I wanted to get it off asap, so i tried practically all of the home remedies I heard of. I put toothpaste on it and then rested a wet tea bag on it overnight. And when I woke up, it was completely gone. Like magic! I tried it once after that and it didn't work as well... but it's definitely worth a shot. I also heard honey masks work wonders.