Friday, April 8, 2011

have a great weekend.

tampa theatre
{The ceiling in my house. Just kidding, that's the Tampa Theatre's ceiling and it's beautiful.}

Oh, good. The weekend's here.

This weekend I need to get a lot of school work done. Finals are rapidly approaching (Yikes!), and I have a lot left to do before then. My parents are coming up this weekend to grab a load of my stuff to take home with them. Also, I have 18 zits on my face. How does one go from perfectly clear skin to 18 pimples? Just wondering. Bye!

xo, R.


Allison said...

Just happened to stroll past your blog today and happy to have found it - adorable! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

kylee said...

oh my goodness! my skin did the exact same thing. had great skin and then i hit my twenties and my face decides to welcome zits like i'm living the life of a middle schooler. good luck with all your finals!