Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's the Good News?

ol' blue eyes.
Well, the candy consumption is getting a little ridiculous over here, and I don't even feel bad about it, so there.

Good News #1: I am going home this weekend.
Good News #2: Jeffrey bought me lunch today. Love that guy.
Good News #3: I get to clean my room! (This is not actually good news. I am trying to psyche myself out though, so let's just pretend it is.) I will listen to Frank Sinatra while doing this, so that actually is good.
Good News #4: It's November. Hello, Sister's birthday month, Thanksgiving, and [hopefully] cooler weather.
Good News #5: I went to the gym yesterday. I don't want to lie and say I loved it, but hey, it's progress, so I'm goin' with it.
Good News #6: I've got a brown bag full of Halloween candy sitting on my desk, and it's all for me. :)

What's your good news? xo, R.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I know how you feel about the candy! You can't just have one piece. One leads to two, which leads to five! :)