Tuesday, September 21, 2010

list eight: birthday wish list.

Did you know that I'm turning 21 on October 8th? So weird.
It should be mentioned that I already picked a sweater and 2 skirts from Anthropologie for my birthday. Did anyone else know that they have incredible sales? You probably did.
Anyway. I love making lists even though my parents don't really need them for any special occasion since they know me spot on and buy me things that I didn't even know I wanted until they're given to me. And then I couldn't imagine getting anything else. Anyway.


1. Size 7

2. Jonsi, Go

3. Beyond adorable tights.

4. This cozy little hat.

5. These cute shorts.

6. I love to spin my salads.

7. Bubble Up, please.

8. This sweet little bow to wear in my hair when I'm feeling sassy (which is often).


1. Camera.

2. Can totally see myself wearing this when I'm a teacher.

3. A trip to Wisconsin to see the Best People Ever.

xo, R.


Evie said...

AWWWWW! I wish we could afford to fly you up here! Maybe I could train some seagulls or something...to all fly together and all have little bits of strings attached to them...and that string is attached to a really cool mobile room where you can hang out until they flap their way up here. It might take a little bit longer than an airplane though.

Roxanne said...

I think I could recruit James & his giant peach for that.

LW said...

Love you. :)

Sarah said...

I think your birthday list is fabulous! All of the items are absolutely adorable, and I can see you with them! When I make birthday/Christmas lists, I have to make two as well. One for the things that are cost efficient, and one for things I want really bad that I wish I could have, but will probably just admire online.

Hope you get some of those things that you wanted!
-Sarah xoxo