Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's so weird how you lose touch with certain people — people you kinda always thought you'd know forever. And one day, down the road a little ways, you're just not in touch with them anymore. It's weird how at certain moments in your life, you think you know how everything is going to go, mapping out entire months in your head only to find out just how incredibly wrong you are.

Sometimes the rain makes me feel nostalgic. It conjures up all these really dusty, old moments in my head, and I start thinking about what it would be like to relive them. Usually, they're just really small moments. Moments that probably didn't mean much to anyone else, but they meant something to me. Like, I just want to go back to the moment so that it's clear in my head, and I can continue to relive it for the rest of my life. You know?

Or, don't libraries make you feel really loved? You're surrounded by all these books that so many people have read, and cried over, and spilled coffee on, and lugged around in a purse for weeks, or dog-earred and dropped and cherished? There's so much life in a library. The quietness is relaxing, and you don't really even have to check any books out. Just standing in the aisles feels really fulfilling.

Also, I've never watched Shark Week, and I've never felt like I was missing out on anything.

xo, R.

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LW said...

I always wanted to be a librarian for that very reason. Remember that library we went to in Camden, Maine? That place was wonderful. What is Shark Week? Love you. XXOO