Monday, June 21, 2010

pepitas, red collars, The Bachelorette, and another tv show, too!

Do not put Pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds) in your oatmeal. Sounds like a good idea, but it's really not.

Jeffrey's bike race is this weekend, and then we'll be heading to Wisconsin. This week I'm helping out at my old job, and it is so much fun to be there again. Some people didn't like their high school years, but I loved them.

I love my dogs so much it's almost sickening. I bought Petey a new collar today, but it's a little too big. Let me tell you something, though: red is his color. Red is SO his color.

And Andy has a new dog bone that is 'Wolf' sized. I think it's a little big, but the other ones were just so dinky. Whatever. He's wolf sized at heart, right?

Also, packing a suitcase is SUCH a pain. Remember when it was free to have luggage on planes? Since that is no longer the case, we pack our suitcase to be a carry-on, which means that you can't have bottles of liquid that are larger than 3 oz. That is really inconvenient. One time, I had a bottle of honey taken from me because of that rule. I bet it would have been really good. Guess I'll never know.

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday. Who else is excited for the Bachelorette tonight? Good. Me, too. xo, R.

I think it would be awesome if Kelle got her own tv show on the Oprah network. So, maybe you should vote for her, but only if you want to, of course.

xo, R.

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