Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I miss my sister.
Today I want a big, floppy, straw beach hat and a Coke slurpee.
Today I want a big bouquet of flowers.
Today I want to plant a garden.
Today I'm thankful for friends, family, and a boyfriend who loves me.
Today I'm glad the record player was invented.
Today I want to take pictures of people who are in love.
Today I love bumblebees and carrot cake and tea cups.
Today I want to eat a peach.
Today I like handwritten letters filled with secret messages.
Today I like sitting in Jeffrey's room waiting for him to come home from class.
Today is a good day.


Sarah said...

I love this!

Feel free to come by the big garden at my house anytime, we can wear big hats and drink slurpees. I even have a broken record player here, and a phonograph! (That plays just one horrible record that sounds like it's in a horror film.)

I hope your good day continues <3

Evie said...

I miss you too!!!!
You'd look super cute in a big floppy hat.
Mark and I were just talking about peaches. He's never had one before (besides canned peaches or peach yogurt). Crazy huh?!

Iva said...

I am sorry you miss your sister!! hope you see her soon!