Wednesday, April 21, 2010

photograph(s) i like.

My favorite picture from our senior prom (2008) and maybe even my favorite picture of us, ever. That's Jeffrey's red '66 bus behind us and he got those shoes specifically for prom. They matched the orange flecks in the tie I found for him at Salvation Army. It's still his favorite tie. I found that dress at Nordstrom and it was a perfect fit, which never happens. I remember getting those shoes with my mom. We couldn't believe how perfect they were. I did my own hair and couldn't have been happier with it. Jeffrey and I didn't exchange corsages, but instead boxes of candy. And he had a vase of daisies waiting for me in the bus, along with a display of twinkle lights lining the ceiling. We met our friends at a little pizza place that isn't particularly fancy, but it was our place. We sat on the back patio and had the most wonderful time. I have really fond memories of that night — the moments that led up to it, the moments during it, and now, 2 years later, the moments I can still feel when I look at this picture. I think that's really what pictures are for — little catalysts that bring you back to a very specific moment in time. Photography is such a beautiful thing.


elledee said...

I love this picture too!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh that is the cutest picture of the two of you EVER! And the fact that you exchanged boxes of candy instead of corsages is such a clever idea. Oh, I love the two of you!! :)

Elise said...

this is beautiful! and that bus is sooo amazing!!