Thursday, September 3, 2009

This morning I left my room at 8:15 am. Like usual, I was expecting the normal, muggy weather we experience here at school -- the kind of air you can feel yourself walking through. I opened the door and was pleasantly greeted by 70 degree weather and birds chirping. I think they were as pleased as I was to feel the definite chill in the air.

As I walked across campus, I could feel my footsteps hit the pavement like a heartbeat. It made the town I live in feel alive. Campus was quiet and all I could hear was a few birds and a distant alligator calling for his mate. I felt happy and alive and I took deep, full breaths. What is it about autumn weather that truly animates one's senses?

I took the steps up to my 3rd floor classroom, a trek I normally find quite dismal. The steps look as if they've been abandoned for years. The lights give off a nauseating yellow glow and the wooden banister is worn to a soft, dull feeling from years of use. Usually I actually find this stair case quite creepy. It is old and probably doesn't get much use anymore since there is an elevator conveniently placed in the front of the building. Today, though, the stair case did not feel creepy. As a matter of fact, as I walked up the steps I could feel them rejoicing, someone was finally walking up them. The rhythm of my feet on the cement steps was soothing and resonated throughout the four story stair well. I pictured all the people that had previously walked up these steps: What did they talk about? What were they wearing? What classes were they taking? Did they notice that the staircase was beautiful in all its abandonment?

It is always a strange feeling to imagine people that were once where you are standing at that exact moment. It's almost like transporting yourself in time. And 20 years from now, will someone walk up those steps and notice that the steps rejoice in the company of constant footsteps...Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Sigh. Tap. Tap. Tap. Sigh. Will someone picture me walking up those steps, wearing my newly purchased team shirt and flip flops?

It is amazing how the weather can transform a morning. Most of the time, I walk to class with thoughts that aren't even worth remembering: What will I eat for lunch? When should I get my reading done? Is it Friday yet?

But simply because the weather had a slight crispness to it, I had a morning that I will probably remember forever.

Thank you, Mother Nature. You are too kind to grant us this beautiful morning. I have to remember to be more thankful more often.

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Laura said...

I love mornings like that!!