Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unplanned Marvelosity!

-walt whitman

This weekend was so absolutely perfect! I always enjoy my visits home, and I appreciate my parents so much, but we had such a wonderful time (and I know they agree)! We ended making a day trip out of a grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Since my vow to walk on the road to healthy eating, my parents have been thrilled! My parents are both pretty conscious in the healthy-eating department, and whereas I've always generally gone along with it, I've never hopped on the bandwagon like this before! So naturally, my parents are very supportive of my decision!

They took me to Whole Foods and we went crazy! We were all so excited to be there - you would have thought we were on our way to Disney World! It was like a trip to the shopping mall for health food lovers. It wasn't just the food we were excited about though; we all connected really well, had some very meaningful conversations, and genuinely enjoyed each others' company ... how refreshing!
(We always get along, but this just felt like an entirely new level!)
And honestly, what's more exciting than making an even deeper connection with people you love?!

I feel so blessed right now. I am walking on clouds - and I received excellent news that the proposition to close the college of Education at my school is off the table! Now I don't even have that to worry about!

Life is beautiful.

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